Reasons Why Real Estate Property Sales are Taking Long

Reasons Why Real Estate Property Sales are Taking Long
Reasons Why Real Estate Property Sales are Taking Long

The real estate market has been picking up lately. More people are buying and selling homes, but the process is still taking a while. If you’re in the real estate industry, you might wonder why it takes so long for property sales to go through.. Selling a property can be long and drawn out, especially if the market is slow. There are several reasons why real estate property sales are taking longer than in the past. Let’s take a look at some of the most typical explanations.


1. Appraisals are Taking Longer

Recent shifts in the real estate market have led to appraisals taking longer and being more complicated than ever before. This is a cause for concern, as buyers and sellers depend on timely estimates of property values before closing any sale. Given the amount of time required to get an appraisal finished, it’s no wonder that real estate property sales have been on hold or delayed.

The appraisal process is one of the most significant delays in real estate property sales. For the deal to go through, the buyer’s lender must appraise the property to ensure it’s worth the amount of money they’re lending. The appraisal process is one of the most significant delays in real estate property sales. To proceed with the transaction, the buyer’s lender must assess the property to confirm it is worth the loan amount.. The issue is that there are more appraisal requests than appraisers available. This has led to longer wait times, which has lengthened the overall timeline for real estate sales. This has led to longer wait times, which has lengthened the overall timeline for real estate sales.

Delays in appraisals can halt the usual 30-day process of a successful sale. If an underlying issue is flagged during an appraisal, it can take time to resolve, which could put the entire process at risk of failing to meet contractual deadlines. 

Fortunately, however, alleviating pain points in the appraisal process makes it possible to get things done in a reasonable timeline. With this, finding ways to speed up the process and reduce wait times is essential for anyone involved in real estate. Taking steps such as using licensed appraisers and dedicated solutions to deliver reports efficiently can help expedite the process effectively.



2. More Buyers are Getting Cold Feet

More buyers are getting cold feet, causing a downward trend in real estate property sales. This has been observed throughout all housing markets, with high-end luxury homes and affordable starter homes feeling the effects alike. A combination of uncertain economic conditions, strained budgets, and reluctance to commit to large purchases have been cited as the major contributors to this growing sentiment amongst buyers. As a result, many properties are being taken off the market as buyers struggle to feel secure about making a long-term investment.

Getting pre-approved for a loan has never been easier or faster, but buyers are starting to get further along before realizing that making such a large purchase right now may be challenging in the long run. Even though interest rates are at an all-time low, there is something keeping buyers away from entering the market. 

3. Sellers are Being Pickier

Sellers are becoming increasingly picky in the current market, with concerns about where they will move next and what they can afford to shape their decisions. This has had a noticeable effect on the real estate property market, particularly concerning sales prices. As a result, sales prices for properties have risen accordingly. Sellers need to be aware that there is a balance between prices  and potentially deterring prospective buyers versus ensuring they receive adequate compensation for their property. It is worth consulting a local real estate agent when looking to sell a property to get the most out of this current market.




4. The Asking Price is Too High

The Asking Price is Too High is a common reason that real estate property sales fail to come to fruition. The asking price is the first interaction between potential buyers and sellers, and if it’s too high, the chances of negotiations leading to a sale plummet. Sellers must consider current market prices alongside their expectations and opinions. A successful sale often requires both parties to agree on a mutually satisfactory outcome. However, when the asking price is too high, there can be dramatic consequences; extended marketing time on the market, uncertainty regarding accessing loan options, or even taking a financial hit due to reduced net proceeds from the sale.


5. The Condition of the Property

The property’s condition is a crucial factor driving real estate property sales. The more desirable the condition, the greater a seller’s ability to increase their asking price. Homebuyers are typically eager to purchase a property with minimal repairs needed so they can immediately begin using it. The alternative – buying a home someone has neglected – isn’t as attractive due to the potential cost and long timelines required for renovations. The condition of multiple properties in an area can even influence appreciation rates over time, especially when communal dwellings are renovated or updated. Paying attention to the state of a residential or commercial real estate property is essential both before its sale and in the long term.

6. Mortgage Rates are Rising

Mortgage Rates are Rising, which has caused an increase in Real Estate Property Sales. Many people are looking to purchase before Mortgage Rates increase even further. Mortgage Rates have begun to climb since the start of 2021, creating a substantial market for real estate with many would-be buyers jumping at the chance to secure a mortgage with low-interest rates. This raises competition and typically raises prices for properties across the board. Mortgage lenders have taken note of increasing demand, and consequently, Mortgage Rates continue to rise to accommodate new borrowers. This surge has created an ideal opportunity for sellers. However, buyers need to take caution as they want to avoid being subject to higher interest rates.

The real estate market is starting to pick up again after a slow period, but sales are still taking longer than usual. While it may be frustrating to wait longer for the deal, understanding some delays can help everyone involved be more patient and understanding during this time. Follow us on our social media accounts for more updates on the latest news and trends in real estate. And  if you need help selling your property or finding your dream home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re here to help.


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