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Why PALAWAN Philippines?

A lot of reasons why you focus your eyes in Palawan. Whether you’re in corporate setting or in your personal capacity, anyone will give interests in Palawan. Here are most important reasons why put your investment in this island.

Geographical setting

1. Nestled between Borneo and Manila, Palawan is bordered with thousands of beaches where you can enjoy virgin sparkling waters while enjoying the rising and the setting of the sun. As it is known to be out of the range of the Ring of Fire, no record of earthquake has been felt from time immemorial assuring your safety while wasting your time serenely from the fast evolving nature of everyday life. Islands are diverse surrounding the mainland giving you choices where you will spend your next day from one island to another. A year’s odyssey around is not enough to visit the more than 1700 islands scattered by the potter’s hand. Dive sites are enormous you will set aside your dream of going to Mars. Neon light corals along with different types of marine inhabitants you will book for another dive. From Coron to Balabac, Palawan will be in your bucket list.

2. Haven for investment. Palawan doesn’t need to market itself for by word of mouth and with the aid of social media, people of different nationalities want to see Palawan. Coron, as part of Calamian Group of Islands, prides itself of Kayangan Lake, clear blue waters, dive sites, and enjoyable food available for every palate of nationalities including fresh sea foods.

El Nido cannot be set aside as Palawan was first known worldwide because of the natural and out of this world beauty as it is eternally preserved, more than 2000 establishments cater to the tourism needs of visitors and travellers. Real Estate, tourism related industries and services are a norm when spending time in El Nido. For investors, El Nido lies at the end of the rainbow where lies pots of gold.

St. Paul subterranean Cave and Tubataha are a Shangri-la for tourists. It is nature at its best. Located within Puerto Princesa City, tourists are lining up to see the place becoming part of their everyday stories. Just hours away, is also found the famous Tabon Caves which will bring us back in time of early inhabitants. At the far south of the mainland lies the Maldives of the Sout East Asia. A cluster of islands offers to all levels a taste of luxury long accessible only to the rich and famous, the Balabac group of islands.

Investment is promising not only for tourism, we may include the blue and the green economy. Vast oceans of sparkling waters on both coasts, Palawan supplies almost 35% and counting, of marine needs of the Philippines. The rich arable land is also waiting to be developed.

Wanting to double or triple your investment, Palawan is the gateway for investment.

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