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Properties Gateway is a real estate platform that aims to revolutionize the way you sell, buy, or rent property.

As your real estate partner, Properties Gateway aims to streamline the property acquisition process by connecting developers, agents and direct sellers with potential buyers through a seamless and secure listing, reservation, and turnover process. Together with top-performing in-house agents and a team trained to assist sellers and buyers, Properties Gateway is well on its way to providing millions of families with their dream homes and property.


Property Gateway is more than just your run-of-the-mill real estate website. In order to help Filipinos find their dream homes and property, we offer competitive services and solutions to guide buyers and sellers every step of the way.

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See why property buyers, developers, agents, and direct sellers choose Property Gateway.

Property Gateway has helped me invest in real estate safely and legitimately. They have an easy interface, great customer service, and a lot of helpful features that make my experiences with them really enjoyable.
by Ryan
Manager, Company Inc.
I've been investing in real estate for most of my life and I recently switched to Property Gateway. It's a great platform that offers a safe legal way to invest in commercial properties around the world.
by Nelo
Realtor, Company Inc.
Property Gateway has given me peace of mind since I don't need to worry about finding the right person to trust with this type of investment.
by Christine
Manager, Company Inc.

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